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I Am an AV Rated Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial and Business Litigation Lawyer Practicing Since 1990 and I Will Charge You a Reasonable Fee…

What do the areas I practice in,  eminent domain, personal injury and wrongful death, bankruptcy litigation, and business/commercial litigation, have in common?  If not settled, cases of these types will be decided by a trial, often a jury trial.  Many lawyers describe themselves as justice lawyers, trial lawyers, or litigators or use similar terms meant to suggest that they have some special competence trying a case.

However, just over 1,000 of over 90,000 Florida lawyers, or a little more than 1 percent of all Florida attorneys, are Board Certified by the Florida Bar, which regulates the practice of law in Florida, as Civil Trial Lawyers.  Only Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers are allowed by the Florida Bar to identify themselves as specialists or experts in the trial and litigation of civil cases – cases where the party filing suit (or, in eminent domain cases, the party being sued) is seeking money damages or some other kind of relief from the party being sued.

The requirements to become a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer include having had a sufficient number of trials including jury trials, passing an examination, and obtaining positive confidential reviews from other lawyers and judges. While most civil cases are settled, some are not and, if your case does go to trial, it is good idea to have an attorney who is certified as a specialist in the trial and litigation of civil cases representing you. Also, you are more likely to get a satisfactory settlement of your case if the party and lawyers on other side know you have an attorney representing you who is ready, willing, and able to try your case.

In addition to being Board Certified by the Florida Bar as a Civil Trial Lawyer, I am a Board Certified Business Litigation Lawyer and, therefore, I am allowed to identify myself as a specialist in business litigation. Just over 200 Florida attorneys, or a fraction of 1 percent of all Florida attorneys, are Florida Bar Board Certified Business Litigation Lawyers. An even smaller number of lawyers are Board Certified in both civil trial law and business litigation law.  Information from the Florida Bar on its certification programs for civil trial lawyers and business litigation lawyers can be found in the following pamphlets located on its Web site: Florida Bar pamphlet regarding board certification of civil trial lawyers and Florida Bar pamphlet regarding board certification of business litigation lawyers.


Please consider that the leading rating service for lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell, has rated me “AV,” its highest rating for legal ability, indicating such ability is “very high to preeminent,” and ethics. More information on Martindale-Hubbell’s ratings can be found at

I was also selected by a blue ribbon panel for inclusion in Florida Super Lawyer magazine, an honor bestowed on less than 5 percent of lawyers.  More information on the selection process for Super Lawyers magazine can be found at this hyperlink:  .


In the results section of this web site, we have listed proven results in cases of these types, many of which were high profile matters.  While every case has different parties, facts, judges, and juries and we can not guarantee any specific result, we can guarantee that, if you hire us, we will work hard and use all of our abilities to obtain the best possible result for you.


I have had several offer to join large firms.  However, in each instance I found that the amount of overhead that I and, ultimately, my clients, would have to pay would increase.  Since I am a sole practitioner, when you hire Barry S. Balmuth, P.A., you get me, Barry Balmuth, not a junior associate with limited experience as is the case at some larger firms.


Like the most, if not all, attorneys handling personal injury and wrongful death cases, we handle these cases on a contingency fee basis. The attorney’s fees are contingent on the outcome – you don’t pay any fees if there is no recovery.  You also won’t pay any expenses of the case unless we obtain compensation for you.

The Florida Bar allows attorneys to be paid a fee of up to one-third of the recovery if a case is settled without suit being filed and up to 40 percent of any recovery after an action is brought if fault is contested.  However, the rates of compensation can be negotiated.  If you contact us as a result of viewing this website we may be willing to accept your case for a lower percentage.

If you are a property and/or business owner being affected by the government or a utility’s use of its eminent domain power to take property, you will not have to pay us any fees. This is because the Florida constitution and Florida statutes require an entity using the power of eminent domain to pay full compensation for the property acquired and to pay for the damages to a qualified business resulting from that property acquisition. As part of that obligation, an entity using the power of eminent domain must pay an owner and qualified business’ attorney’s fees and expenses IN ADDITION TO ANY COMPENSATION IT MUST PAY.


My goal, which is shared with my staff, is to provide high quality legal services in a timely fashion. We consider the representation of our clients a privilege and we promise you we will work hard to get the best possible result for you or your loved one.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss  how we can help you with no cost or obligation (except in bankruptcy matters).*  Please contact us by calling 561-242-9400 or, toll-free, at 866-452-9400 or E-mail us by clicking by filling in your information above. My staff and I welcome you to our Web site. On this site, there is more information on my education, experience, qualifications, and area of practice as well as links to other informative sites. We hope you will find our site informative and useful.

* We also file individual and corporate bankruptcy cases and charge a modest amount for initial consultations in such cases.  However, we credit the amount to the overall fee for the case.  Thus, if you hire us, the consultation is free.

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